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Let's make this as clear as possible.
We're looking for people to contribute their unique talents, skills and opinions with vigour. We really want your opinion, yes-men & yes-women are not valued here. You have to feel like you're bringing something we don't already have.

We're looking for team players, with a competitive spirit - wanting to be the best, while always available to help out your team. These two things are not mutually exclusive.
We love a party and get around team events.
Sometimes we drink too much. Yes, this was written by HR.

We're a small team of high achievers with exceptional culture fits across the board. We don't get the luxury of having high performing people who don't participate in the culture.

There is literally nothing we value more than our team.

So, we don't hire just ANYBODY.

Bad vibes, need not apply.

If any of the above sounds like the worst thing ever, and you're thinking you'll probably hate every moment and us. Let's save us both some time. Thanks for your consideration. If not, scroll on.



What could you expect if you worked here?


Remote Work & Office Icon
Remote Work & Office
A staple of the modern working environment. We're not chemical engineers on a hydrogen plant. You get the option. Most of our team will still come into the office.
Flexible Working Hours Icon
Flexible Working Hours
1 hour start before or after 8am. i.e. start at 7am, finish at 4pm. Got an appointment? Take it. Get your work done &  don't take the piss. High performance requires trust.
Allocated Training Hours Icon
2 Hrs /Week Training
2 paid hours allocated to training. Continued education is the key to driving  exceptional outcomes and professional self development is crucial.
Team Events Icon
Team Events
We have varying team events throughout the year but there are some staples: Halloween & Christmas. We'll go on a annual team trip if we hit budgets.
Transparency Icon
We're a very transparent company (not with things that would harm the work environment). We take it extremely seriously as a commitment to our team.
Company-wide Compensation Icon
Company-wide Comp
We offer commission policies company-wide. No pressure, you don't have to opt in but we want to reward extraordinary work.


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