Ecommerce on Shopify

How We Scaled Jericho Beard Care to 7 Figures in 24 Months

Men's Grooming
April 2020 - April 2024
Meta & Google Ads + EDM & SMS
5 mins



Jayden Carroll - Digi Strat

Marc Lewis - Lead Digi Strat

Ash Chapple - Marketing Director

Braedi Tink - EDM Specialist

Josh, the Director and Founder of Jericho, engaged DUNK to boost his Shopify revenue using Meta advertising. The objective was straightforward: enhance Jericho's new customer acquisition strategy and revenue stream.




In 2020, Facebook ads stood out as the pinnacle of digital advertising for eCommerce businesses. In our initial assessment of the ad account, we identified inefficiencies in spending, structure, and creative messaging. Our primary objective for Jericho's account was to implement immediate adjustments to achieve quick wins, while being mindful of avoiding drastic changes that could negatively impact existing results.

Once we successfully transitioned management our focus quickly shifted toward the ‘business’ side of Jericho Australia, looking to improve his Average Order Value by redesigning his product offering to align with the needs and expectations of first-time customers, ensuring a more compelling market fit. From April 2020, to December 2020, we saw a 234% increase in the Web CVR from 3.86% to 7.02% & their Average Order Value from $70 to $93!

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