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Stable, Scalable Revenue

A consistent, scalable, and trackable ROI is the name of the game when it comes to online marketing. Unlike other Google Ads Agencies we specialise in running effective campaigns for DTC
E-Commerce brands to expand their presence while capitalising on in-market intent.

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Not Just Branded Search Ads...

You shouldn't be spending more than 10% on these campaigns. We achieve amazing performance on Google that actually increases top-line revenue.


$10.8 Million

In revenue generated for our clients attributable to our Google ads (no lead conversions included!)


Google Ads Tracking

Ensuring the correct setup and tracking of Google Ads and GA4 metrics is crucial for making well-informed decisions.

Efficiency Gains for Cost Reductions

Swimwear client results



TENURE - 2 Years 3 Months

Product - Swimwear & Lingerie

Industry - Women's Apparel

15.1% Reduction in Avg Cost
36.38% Reduction in CPA
51.86% Increase in Conversions
7.58% Increase in Conversion Rate

Increase AOV & Conversion Rate

Fashion client case study



TENURE - 11 Months

Product - Bohemian Lifestyle

Industry - Women's Apparel

195.06% Increase in Conversion Rate
15.67% Reduction in CPA
143.58% Increase in Conversions
169.61% Increase in Conversion Value

Sustainable Scaling Through Google

Jewellery Brand results example



TENURE - 2 Years 9 Months

Product - Lifestyle Jewellery

Industry - Women's Jewellery

36.17% Increase in Conversion Rate
32% Reduction in CPA
35.28% Increase in Conversions
31.58% Increase in Conversion Value

Win Quick and Double Down

Dessert client results



TENURE - 8 Months

Product - Dessert Boxes

Industry - Food & Beverage

24.96% Increase in Conversion Rate
46.96% Increase in CPA
37.12% Increase in Conversions

Our service has 


Close the Gaps

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We ensure we're capitalising on all the low hanging fruit, acquiring customers that are in-market looking for your solution.


Master the Basics

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While omnichannel is all the rage, we want to make every channel as rock solid as possible standing alone before we start to bridge the gap with other channels. That means solidifying the basics with a profitable channel and it typically starts with Google.


Test the Water

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Once our Google channel is firing, we start to scale through testing new campaigns, creative angles, and placements. This is profit-first testing. It's not as flashy but our main goal is to maintain net profitability not blow your costs.


Ramp it Up

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By this point Google is generating relatively stable, profitable returns with solid growth infrastructure. Now we bring in additional channels, create intent, and push our advantage.


We have been working with the team for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Wonderful communication and wonderful results. We are very lucky to have worked with them.


I came to DUNK after sales this year started dipping and we couldn't figure out why. I was very nervous recruiting an ad agency, but within the first month DUNK has halved my ad spend while delivering consistency. They are open to working collaboratively as well which was one of my main concerns about working with an agency.

Tiffany Teoh - The Traveller Series

"Definitely 5 stars! I am so impressed with the customer service at Dunk Agency. The staff are so attentive, supportive and dedicated. The full time management really takes the stress out of marketing and allows you to focus on all the other aspects of running a business."

Meg - Meg Alexandra